Professional Retail Multiple Store Supervision Course Manual

Professional Retail Multiple Store Supervision Course Manual

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Building a highly accountable, high-performance retail chain

Does running one store, no matter how well, adequately prepare you for looking after 10 or more stores? Spoiler alert: It doesn’t! Although growth tends to be an expected outcome of success, for many retail organizations that growth can be stunted or even stopped by the unique challenges of managing multiple store locations. Even area supervisors, who have done an outstanding job as single-store managers can find themselves pulled in a variety of directions, handing crisis after crisis, with very little time for achieving their goals.

To manage a single store successfully, you need to get the operations right, so your staff is free and clear to sell. But to manage multiple stores successfully, you need to get the individual store managers to do their jobs right, so you’re free and clear to lead your team and grow the business.

This course is designed to help clarify the role and ultimate goal of an area supervisor while providing many of the tools needed to succeed and thrive.

Program & Course Components

Participant Workbook/Course Manual: Presents the written content of the course including ready-to-use forms, checklists and reference materials. (Note that the course may be self-driven or facilitated by upper management/HR in a classroom or group setting with area/district managers in attendance).



The Multiple Store Supervision course clearly identifies the role of an area supervisor while giving owners, area supervisors and district managers a system for running multiple locations and getting everyone producing at higher levels. During the course, you’ll discover that hitting sales goals as an area, district or company is reliant on your grass-root efforts to build stores individually, project sales goals, notice trends, and create a “model store” that demonstrates how to effectively staff your stores and stop settling for “average” employees.

Included are exercises and discussion topics intended to assess potential challenges, formulate strategic and tactical plans for improvement and hone the management skills of area personnel. The goal is to form a supportive partnership that increases area productivity and bench strength by enhancing the overall performance of each individual store manager.

You and your area supervision team will discover:

  • Why setting an initial performance baseline can be crucial to success
  • How to assess the performance of each individual store in a logical, fair and detailed manner
  • The importance of strategic and tactical plans and how they rely on one another
  • Why store visits should be partnerships with managers rather than critiques
  • Why leadership development is an ongoing process that tends to follow a logical progression
  • What it takes to lead an area full of high-performance stores
  • How providing consistent follow-up and consequences can help correct undesirable behavior
  • How to create action plans designed to increase the sales of individual stores in your area
  • Why effective time management is necessary for success as an area supervisor

Find out how to go from continually putting out daily fires to eliminating noncompliance and building better store managers. Discover how assessment tools are used to develop a strategic and tactical plan that addressed the issues likely to have the biggest impact on your area. Learn the importance of championing a cause to rally people around you. Explore the importance of effective communication in gaining and maintaining compliance. Identify the time management strategies that may work best for you!


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