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We understand the crucial relationships between profitability, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction and productivity. We understand that each individual organization has a unique set of circumstances, challenges and considerations that affects its customer experience. And we understand the grave importance of what every customer-facing team member says and does at each touchpoint in a customer’s journey to optimize both the experience and its revenue potential.
In essence, we search for productivity holes and fill them. Whatever deficiencies you have or we discover, we have or will develop the right solution. The Friedman Group practically invented best practices in retail service, sales and management with systems and programs that are the most widely used across the globe. We offer an array of services to meet the needs of any organization, no matter what size or industry.

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Online Learning

We've developed thousands of custom training programs for retailers for over 35 years. But, like the times, we have evolved and adapted that expert knowledge into interactive online training courses.Retail training is forever changed...

Employees will happily go through the short comprehensive training modules. The knowledge that they gain will translate into larger average tickets, increased conversion,  higher profits, and best of all, more free time for Numero Uno!

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Retail Consulting

You know a lot about your company, and we know a lot about retail. Together, we'll take you from whatever level you're at now to the next.

We only deliver solutions that impact your business in a significant and sustainable way. So, whether you choose to do a little or a lot to improve your business, it all starts with an assessment of where you are and where you could be.

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Content Development

You could say that when it comes to custom content, we wrote the book on it. Whether it's adapting our proprietary programs or unique content development, we can handle it. We do it every day.

Retailer’s are busy and we get that. So why rewrite the book on retail, when we can do it for you.  Over the past 35 years we have created thousands of custom training programs, policy manuals, video series, you name it, for retailers of all sizes.

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Public Retail Workshops

Our five core publicly delivered workshops were personally created by retail authority Harry J. Friedman, to provide the skill sets necessary to proactively manage a retail store, manage a group of stores or sell at the highest performance level.

Available Workshops

 Professional Retail Management
 Multiple Store Supervision
 Retail Sales Masters
 Retail Human Resources
 Professional Retail Selling

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Custom Branded Retail Training Portals

Our custom branded online retail training portals do more than onboard new hires. Add your own company news, events, contests, call out achievements, post new product knowledge, and inject a sense of community into the heart of your business.

Cultivate the retail culture you’ve always dreamed of and the customer-centric environment that will turn shoppers into life-long customers.

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Retail Sales Training

Serving customers starts with a smile and the desire to serve them, but a trained professional can increase revenue by 20% or more. Gold Star Selling is a customer-centric and empathetic approach to training designed to sell more without customers ever having felt they were ‘sold.’

We Train. You Sell

Online sales training?  On-site live training?  Like the feel of a manual in your hands?  What’s the best solution for your company?  Read more or call us to discuss single or blended learning options.

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Retail Management Training

Sustaining lifts in sales and standards for service in any retail store rests squarely on the shoulders of store management. There’s no need for learning by trial and error. We know the secrets to great sales management.
We know the basic and essential ingredients for developing a high-performance retail team.  We want to share it with you.

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On-Site Retail Workshops

Sometimes you just need some face-to-face training to get the ball rolling faster and with more enthusiasm. Our trainers and consultants know what they’re doing. We just need to discuss what we should do together.
A comprehensive performance improvement assessment?  Training the sales staff?  Working to improve store or district managers?  We’ve done great work for other companies.  Let’s do it for yours.

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Vendor & Partner Solutions

You’re not a retailer, but you’d like to do anything possible to help your dealers or members excel. So do we. Whether it’s a custom program on how to better sell your products or program tailored specifically for an industry, there’s nothing we can’t deliver.

There’s a reason we’ve had relationships for over 20 years with some of our vendor/group partners.  It’s time you found out why. Together, we can be the best partners a retailer could dream of.

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The Friedman Process

Although The Friedman Group’s process may vary somewhat based on the project requirements or scope, and thus our standard process may not always be linear, it generally follows four major steps.

Creating a world-class guest experience is a process that best begins with a deep and revealing analysis. How might each touchpoint become more sales-oriented in a manner that enhances service? The Friedman Group begins every project with a comprehensive Discovery Phase. Our objectives are:
  • Identify and understand the perceptions of front-line staff, middle management and upper management
  • Assess the organization’s ability for strategic and tactical implementation
  • Learn as much as possible about your corporate culture
  • Make our own assessment of each touchpoint and the overall guest journey
  • Assess the current processes for onboarding front-line and management personnel
  • Review the processes and standards in place for hiring
  • Gain an understanding of your customer base and its expectations and values
  • Agree upon the level and type of guest experience that will result in higher revenues and repeat business
Once the Discovery Phase is complete, The Friedman Group develops a solution and presents a strategic and tactical plan within a formal proposal. This includes specific methodologies with all of the tools, processes, training and guidance needed to elicit changes in culture that can drive potentially dramatic increases in revenue. Elements may consist of live training, ELearning, blended learning, written coursework, audio/video programs and other appropriate deliverables. We will reveal our findings when presenting the proposal and provide detailed explanations of how the plan addresses those findings. This is the first step of the Strategy Phase.
The second step begins by working with the appropriate personnel within your company to develop a production schedule and/or timeline for project implementation, as well as the metrics and benchmarks for measuring progress. Depending on the scope and objectives, the best strategy may be to begin with a small pilot group in order to identify obstacles to success and make necessary changes and refinements before rolling out the implantation schedule on a much wider scale.

The Execution Phase differs the most from organization to organization, based on the findings from the Discovery Phase, deadlines for completion imposed by the company we’re working with and/or the capability of the management and training teams. However, three commonalities exist no matter the organization or circumstance.
  1. Major Change is driven primarily through front-line managers and middle-management.
  2. Engaging participants, regardless of position or level, to actively come up with solutions to problems we have already identified.
  3. We always use a synergistic or or holistic approach to implementing solutions. This is particularly critical when trying to raise the bar on the guest journey.

Creating a world-class guest experience doesn’t end in the execution phase. There must always be a plan for sustaining and continuously improving the experience. The Friedman Group provides powerful input on creating a Cultural Change Team with an executive as part of the team to ensure valuable gains are not lost over time.
The intention is not to have this team in place permanently; in fact, their mission is to make the team unneeded. However, some companies see enough long-term value to keep this position within the organization forever.
Lastly, and of utmost importance, upon completion of the process we will help to ensure that the training department team at your company is up to the task of maintaining the solutions we have put in place and continuing the progress we have set in motion. This includes the development of a metrics scorecard that will track success rates throughout the guest experience, as well as enhanced coaching and accountability methodologies to provide a robust support system for compliance with new standards and behaviors.

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