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Because a manager should be more than a salesperson with a fancy title.

Making a Manager

Veteran retailers know that the impact of retail sales training is never maximized without strong and focused leadership. Sales training teaches how to be more successful in selling, but sales management training provides the missing ingredient; intent. The Friedman Group’s retail training courses for store managers and district managers help retailers take productivity to the next level.

Our retail manager training programs shapes up your retail store’s manager to achieve the particular success that your business targets.

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Retail Operations Management 

When it comes to operations, one of the questions that we hear the most is, “What are other stores doing?” Chances are you’ve probably asked your self the very same thing on more than one occasion. Having a comprehensive, up-to-date policy and procedure manual might be one of the largest operational and management tasks initially overlooked by many of our clients.  Having written the policy and procedure manuals for hundreds of retailers of all sizes and across every industry, The Friedman Group knows exactly what other stores are doing and what yours should be.

If your policies and procedures aren’t written, they aren’t real, and employees cannot truly be held accountable for them. When you actually put this information in writing, the number of inconsistencies, assumptions and just plain guesses on how you would like to have things done, virtually disappear.

We feature a series of retail management training programs that let your employees know what they should be doing to help the business leave competitors in the dust.

A customized Policy and Procedure Manual and Orientation Program for new employees will:

  • Standardize your rules to maintain consistency and order
  • Develop a system for documenting and easily updating your policies and procedures
  • End random decisions and spur-of-the-moment policies
  • Eliminate the “no one ever told me that” excuse
  • Guarantee that all new hires are properly trained and held accountable
  • Protect your organization from costly labor disputes
  • Check for comprehension and ability to perform operational tasks, whether entry-level sales or store manager

Retail Store Management

Sales and product knowledge training are essential, but their effects are minimized if your salespeople are not held accountable for their on-the-floor performance. A structured management training program that increases the productivity of each individual is the way to increase the sales of the organization as a whole.

We offer a wide variety of store management training programs and systems to support each of the following areas:

  • Store Management
  • Advanced Sales Management
  • Recruiting & Hiring
  • Coaching & Leadership

We utilize our time-tested and proven sales management systems to tailor and adjust our store management training program to fit your specific needs. Although your company may have differences in core competencies, values and operating methods, the business of retailing is quite comparable. Our store management systems have proven to deliver millions of dollars in sales increases to retailers all over the world.

Our retail training programs provide everything you need to:

  • Understand the real role of store managers in the success of their stores
  • Get the operations side of the business handled and set standards so managers can concentrate on the real challenge; improving the performance of each member of the team
  • Set realistic and fair sales goals
  • Determine what KPIs to track and what to do with them once you have them
  • Coach salespeople effectively and track trends in performance
  • Recruit, interview and select candidates who are a fit with your company
  • And so much more

District & Regional Management

Mid-size and larger companies can’t ignore the role of District manager or Regional Manager. We refocus efforts from being district cops to proactively motivating and driving their teams to become high-performance sales machines. Most DMs and RMs are trapped by their past experience as a manager and make their job an extension of that role. Help your DMs and RMs develop the retail culture and sales expectations that you desire by providing them with the tools and training they need to be effective and succeed. You should not ever underestimate the impact a great district or regional manager can have on revenue.
District Managers will learn:
  • Turning store visits into opportunities to improve the individuals working on the front lines
  • Strategically planning what is needed to exceed revenue goals and how to successfully execute those plans
  • Becoming partners with store managers to acquire and develop fully trained and competent staffs
  • Setting the bar high and getting your store management team to pole vault, not do the limbo
  • And much, much more

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