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For the First Time Ever, Hire the Retail Master Himself to be Your Personal Retail Coach & Mentor

1 Session Could Change the Way You Think About…   Everything

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The Best Professional Retail Coaching 

Few individuals can say that they have a resource they can count on to bounce ideas off of, call them out on their B.S., and help them think outside the burdens of the day. If you are looking for professional, unbiased, real feedback on how you are operating, you have found it.

Harry Friedman has a gift, to connect with individuals and coach them to success. He takes seemingly complex issues and is able to break them down into bite-sized executable tasks. He has the ability to see opportunities that may not be so obvious and identify issues that may be equally elusive. Harry is here to coach, train, and guide those who are willing to start playing in a bigger game. Are you ready?

How It Works

A limited group of 5 individuals will get access to one of the greatest minds in retail, Harry J. Friedman. To share their goals, expectations and pain points with 1 thing in mind, to get them to the next level. Its all about how to play a much bigger game.  Here is the breakdown:

  1. Send a brief summary/questionnaire to Harry to get a lay of the land
  2. Schedule your 1st 1.5 hour session
  3. Each following 1-hour session is recorded on GoToMeeting and sent back to you for your records, with an action plan
  4. Schedule the next session and Harry will keep you winning
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Harry J. Friedman Approach

40+ years of kicking ass for retailers around the world

  • I cut the Bullshit

  • I will give you unbiased, unfiltered, educated suggestions for where you are and a plan to get you where you need to be

  • I will make you a better salesperson, manager or leader

  • I limit my client base to give you the most attention I can

  • I will be available for you

  • I am a listener 1st and a coach 2nd

Retails’ Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer, & Consultant

Coaching Topics to Consider

Retail Coaching Package Options


  • Scheduled Bi-Weekly
  • Recorded and Sent Via  GoTo Meeting
  • Access to TFG Materials


  • Scheduled Weekly
  • Recorded and Sent Via  GoTo Meeting
  • Access to TFG Materials
  • Free 6-month Pass to Friedman Learning
  • 30% off all Public Workshops

Never, in my 25 years in this business, have I found anyone able to identify and SOLVE the problems of selling in a retail store like Harry Friedman has.

Bill Boettge
National Shoe Retailers Association

You don’t meet Harry J. Friedman, you encounter him. He’s outrageous, revolutionary, inventive and invigorating. His unique style shakes you up and forces you to rethink the way you sell or manage on a retail floor.

Werner Kurn
CEO – Ocean Enterprises

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