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Online Sales & Management Training

Retail’s #1 Sales Training System Is Now Available Online!

Friedman Learning is the culmination of 35 years of retail training experience that will quickly and thoroughly train anyone, from your most recent hire to your most seasoned veteran on how to maximize every sales opportunity and create an unforgettable customer experience.

We conduct online training programs for retail employees. Our online retail training gets businesses back on track and achieve the particular success each one pursues.

Friedman Learning also contains the latest and most innovative coaching, leadership and accountability retail courses online for managers at every level. Whether you have a single store location or 5,000 stores you’ll learn how to capitalize on your most valuable asset! Your employees.

Our featured programs help mangers across all retail sectors with improving online retail sales by implementing effective means of handling employees.

  • On-demand 24/7 sales & management training access
  • Affordable – for single stores to global chains
  • Self-paced and user friendly
  • Interactive courses that provide situation-based examples, exercises & quizzes
  • Coach’s Guide to ensure a blended learning experience & verify practical application
  • Reporting options for tracking training progress by individual, store, district, or company


With over 50,000+ Users and counting, Friedman Learning is the most complete and trusted Online Retail Sales Training & Management Resource in the world!

Access Training Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device!

Our Cloud Based platform allows convenient access to all resources when you need them.

Sales Associate Training Courses

Your sales performance is the lifeblood of your business. Are your salespeople delivering the results that you need?
Our Gold Star Selling Course supports the development of a more systematic approach to completing the sale and caring for customers. This ensures that your salespeople have the right tools and techniques available to them and know the right time to apply them to turn customers who are “just looking” into those who are buying.
Benefits include:
  • Cutting the time and cost of training new salespeople
  • Turning more shoppers into buyers
  • Dramatically reducing employee turnover with training that ensures success on the sales floor
  • Creating a “formal system” for training salespeople that guarantees consistent training in all stores, regardless of a manager’s skills
  • Adding-on and asking for the sale, ensuring more transactions close and the average tickets increase
  • How to translate product features into benefits and ultimately make the emotional connections that cause customers to buy
  • How and why to use product knowledge to express instead of impress

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Management & Operations Training Courses

We know that in order to have a thriving retail business it takes more than just well-trained sales associates. You need managers that know how to lead and cultivate a genuine sales and service culture. Courses for store managers, district managers and corporate teams provide industry best practices for taking company productivity to the next level.
We’ve trained retailers with 1 location and retailers with thousands of locations. The core principal is the same regardless of the number of doors; every customer interaction counts.

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Store Meeting Series

Our in-store weekly meeting series is quite possibly the best add-on resource we have ever developed, and is only available on  This collection of brief video presentations helps retail salespeople increase sales and customer satisfaction by improving their selling behaviors with valuable tips, techniques and strategies.  With the included facilitator and participant guides you can be assured every meeting will be effective, on-topic, and to the point.
At each meeting you will give your sales staff a specific exercise to complete during the coming week. Each exercise is designed to demonstrate your staff’s ability to use the new information and skills on the selling floor with customers—to put the concepts into action. In addition, the store meeting format promotes interactive discussion and sharing of ideas. Such discussions will help you build a healthy environment of interdependence and team spirit.

The Friedman Group
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We’ve Got Human Resources Covered

We understand as a retail business owner there are plenty of things to worry about, but employee non-compliance and lawsuits shouldn’t be one of them.  We’ve developed an extensive library of sample Retail Policies to help you build a thorough and professional employee handbook. Every policy is available in a downloadable template for complete customization, and includes our guidelines on the purpose the policy is meant to serve and points to consider when making alterations. Plus, have access to numerous business and retail forms, ready to use or customize for your organization.

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Our Pricing is Simple and Straight Forward

The only question you have to ask yourself is, “How many users do I need?”

Every plan includes:

  • The Gold Star Selling Course used by more retailers than any other
  • All Store Management Training Courses
  • All District Management Training Courses
  • All Retail Policy Templates
  • All Retail Forms & Friedman Specific Forms
  • Access to our 17 part Selling Skills video series featuring the master himself, Harry J. Friedman
  • Access to additional Training Webinar Recordings
  • Access to Store Meeting Series complete with all you need to make your meetings real ‘sales’ meetings
  • Immediate access to all new content and courses as our online resources grow


  • All Content and Courses
  • Up to 25 users
  • One Administrator
  • 20% off retail workshops


  • All content and courses
  • Up to 100 users
  • Up to 3 administrators
  • 30% off retail workshops
  • 1-hr. phone consultation


  • Learn More
  • All content and courses, plus custom learning paths
  • Affordable pricing for any number of users
  • Unlimited administrators, plus help with set-up
  • 40% off retail workshops
  • 1-hr. phone consultation
  • Branded portal with custom domain
  • Add your own content & unlimited cloud storage

*There is a minimum 1-year commitment paid monthly for each membership. Once you purchase a membership, your account’s activation will occur within 1 business day of sign-up. You may cancel at any time within 30 days if you’re not completely satisfied.

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