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We know what the real goal is.
That’s why we work so hard to get you there.

Ways Your Business Will Improve

It’s all about you and your business getting major
success, growth, sales, organization and control.

  • Sales will increase dramatically.
  • Employees will be motivated, proud and professional.
  • Managers will execute more skillfully and follow up more thoroughly.
  • Everyone will be held accountable for their performance.
  • Your business will focus on high-performance sales, not just operations.
  • Finding and keeping the right people will be easy, thanks to out-of-this-world recruiting, interviewing and hiring techniques.
  • You’ll have an organized system for training new and existing staff.
  • You’ll learn key strategies to improve retention and no longer worry about someone quitting unexpectedly.
  • You’ll be able to monitor key store and district performance indicators with our proprietary at-a-glance metrics system.
  • Non-negotiable standards for behavior will increase discipline and customer service levels.
  • You’ll have detailed sales statistics for each staff member to pinpoint the coaching needed to improve productivity.
  • Non-compliance won’t be an issue.

Our Commitment

Exceeding Expectations

Our Commitment is a result of two factors

  1. When this is your singular focus, both internally and with clients every day for so many years, you develop a clarity about what is required and how to create a culture to achieve and sustain it.
  2. Our trainers and consultants are hyper-aware. Whether it’s a company hired to mow the lawn, the wait staff at a restaurant, or a salesperson in a retail store, we notice everything. It’s the curse of being a consultant in this arena. We are constantly aware of what’s occurring around us. From a housekeeper at a hotel greeting us in the hallway with “Good afternoon,” not “Hello,” to analyzing the steps a service technician should take before even knocking on someone’s door, we are in the business of defining interactions that don’t just meet expectations, but exceed them.

That’s how we define a world-class customer experience – not mere satisfaction, but an experience that sparks a memorable emotion which causes a desire to repeat the experience. More often than not, our company doesn’t simply “do things right,” but strives to go above and beyond what is right.

This has been our singular focus since the company’s inception. Our work has encompassed every retail and service industry imaginable, from small operations to multi-national companies.


What can we say? Our clients love us and the results we get
them. Here are a few of the things they’ve had to say.

“Having rolled out the Friedman Store Management programme last year we are now benefiting financially from the productivity increases that are directly attributable to the programme.
Our add-on sales rate has increased from 1.9 items per customer to 2.45 (an increase of 29%).
All our sales staff are now more customer focused and incentive driven”

David MacLean, General Manager, Adairs The House of Linen
“When I first read your brochure I thought, “Yes, another guru going to teach me how to do what I’ve been living and learning since 1967”.
Well, this old dog learnt some new tricks which really have brought rewards in terms of productivity and profit. Thank you Friedman.
Jack Fraenkel, General Manager, Downtown Duty Free
“The Friedman Management Program gives a great all-round insight into retail management and coaching.
I wish I had done it 12 months ago!……Imagine the results.”
Kikki-K , Store Manager , Kikki-K
“Just want to thank you, and Kassandra in particular, for the training recently presented to my son Conor O’Shea and Store manager, David Brittle, who were very inspired (brilliant being a word used) by the presentation. They are now implementing the system in the company with a great deal of enthusiasm and focus.
David will implement the program and work closely with Conor and the team to get the results expected. I might add, there is now an expectation of exceeding new and carefully crafted targets and much more. We start with great new business structures, procedures and expectations …… this ‘stuff’ is just great and fits well with the new configuration and direction of the company”
Terry O'Shea, CEO , Centenary Landscaping Supplies

“When the Friedman Group/System first came to my notice, I was somewhat sceptical that this system was going to change my professional retail life, because I had been to other courses previously. Needless to say, I was not only impressed but grateful that all the tools I needed to implement the system with my staff were presented in a straight forward, structured and detailed form.
As the Friedman system has been incorporated into Bloch now for almost 18 months we have had a definite increase in sales and productivity, and the staff are enjoying the system.”

Sandie Windsor-Richards, Bloch

“We came to the Friedman programme looking for a management structure to keep up our rapid expansion – we achieved that and a whole lot more!
The programme delivers an ethos for other retail management unlike any other we have attended, and once implemented, takes the x’s out of multi store management forever.
We were so impressed we are putting our entire management team through the Retail Management Programme to enhance the Friedman outlook in the retail industry”.

Bevan Ferrari, Managing Director, Ferrari - First in Formalwear
“The Friedman programme has enabled our Company to develop and formalise an extremely professional retailing system. This includes productivity, measurement of our sales people, training and development programmes for our sales teams, store management and district management.
The key to successful retailing for the future lies in companies ability to provide their customers with the ultimate level of customer service.
The programme certainly provides a sound base and a selection of tools to work with”.
Mike Parsell, General Manager , Michael Hill Jeweller

“Get Everyone on board!…Very valuable to any business!….It helps the light go on!”

Blue Illusion , Store manager
“This is why we are No 1 for sales”
JB Hi Fi , Store Manager , JB Hi Fi
“We searched the world to find the best retail training programme to bring back to Australia for our members”.
“The Friedman system is the best there is”.
Debra Templar, State Training Manager , Retail Traders Association

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