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For over 35 years since The Friedman Group’s inception, we have collaborated with numerous retail associations, franchisers, performance groups, buying groups, cooperatives and manufacturers. Our mutual goal has always been to provide information to retailers of all sizes to assist them in achieving their goals. Many of these partnerships have been maintained for 20 years or more. These lasting relationships have endured for good reason, The Friedman Group delivers tremendous value to dealers and members on our partner’s behalf and represent our partners well. Please explore the many opportunities for collaboration and give us a call to explore how a business relationship between our two organizations might develop.

“Over the last 13 years, La-Z-Boy has worked with many well-known consultants to provide our dealers with the finest sales training programs available. Unfortunately, it took us 10 of those years to discover The Friedman group. The customized, video supported, self-study system that we developed with them is now in its fourth printing and still going strong. It is the most successful program we have ever done, because it does one thing the others didn’t. It works!”

Tom Zollar, Director of Retail Services, La-Z-Boy Chair Co.     

“I wanted to update you on the success throughout our organization as a result of our Sales Management System developed by your company. The net results of the program has produced bottom line dollars for every company within our network that has implemented it. I have seen documented proof of additional net profits of up to $200,000 annually as a result of the program. Remember, our membership does not consist of large companies (average annual volume of $1.9 million) – so such increases are very large for our companies. It is our experience that the program appears to be one where bottom line results are virtually guaranteed!”

Jack Tester, Executive Director, Contractors 2000     

Branded Online Universities

For Manufacturers 

Manufacturers have a product.  They sell it to retailers and then hope for good sell-through.  Our branded online training portal provides manufacturers with the opportunity to provide product training directly to the front-line employees that really need the information.

  • Track training progress
  • Post new product releases & news
  • Hold sales competitions
  • Compare training progress to actual units sold

For Associations & Buying Groups

Other retail organizations such as associations, buying groups and the like, are always looking for ways to enhance the value of membership.  Your own branded online training portal creates a tremendous selling proposition for new members and a value-added service to current membership.

  • Connects directly to existing association or members site
  • Increase the value of membership
  • Offer free access to all members or revenue share opportunities available

Just to make it even more enticing, all Friedman Group eLearning courses are included, so you can launch your site with valuable content right away as you build and add more courses & resources.

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Budget Friendly Partner Benefits

  • Negotiated discounts for your dealers or members on all Friedman Group products & Services
  • Friedman Group content for newsletters, emails, and other communications to dealers or members
  • Co-Branded advertisements, email copy, landing pages, & potential revenue sharing opportunities

Customized Training Courses

The Friedman Group has developed more online retail content than you can find anywhere.  But we’ve developed even more customized programs for organizations who serve or sell to retailers.  Our knowledge of retail selling and management coupled with your insight into your industry is a powerful combination.  Let’s talk more about the possibilities to make the training you offer to members or dealers as relevant and effective as possible.

Speeches & Webinars

The Friedman Group’s professional speakers aren’t just experts-they’re RETAIL experts. All are polished speakers with extensive retail backgrounds and have first-hand experience implementing the Friedman System in the real world. No canned or boring speeches that don’t relate to your business.
Whatever the need:

     › Keynote Address
     › Annual Meeting
     › Trade Show
     › Conference
     › Webinar

Count on us for presentations that are as motivating and entertaining as they are educational. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your next event the one that everyone talks about long after it’s over.

Can’t get the entire team together in one room?

Let us host a webinar on your behalf for your members or dealers on any of our speaking topics instead.

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Product Training

Manufacturers are often painfully aware that the people on the sales floor are ultimately responsible for moving their merchandise and adding or subtracting from their bottom line. Sales training is only half the battle; if salespeople don’t know the product, they can’t move it out the door. Oftentimes retailers rely on a resident product expert, perhaps a buyer or manager, but just because they’re an expert in product knowledge, doesn’t mean they can effectively teach that knowledge to the sales staff.
Manufacturer representatives are definitely product experts; however, they’re not always available to train when needed, nor are they consistent with their message. The reality is that the transfer of product knowledge information is rarely consistent without a formal product knowledge training program.
There are many companies out there vying for your business as brand influencers and we’re no different.  But just creating product training that lists features is inadequateThe Friedman Group has a unique way of developing customized product training that combines a product’s selling features with how to actually communicate those features effectively to customers.
Your customized product training will:
  • Train salespeople to translate product features into benefits and ultimately make those emotional connections that cause customers to buy
  • Ensure that every salesperson in every store receives thorough, consistent and professional training on your products
  • Show salespeople how and why they should use product knowledge to express instead of impress
  • Avoid the five reasons that keep new hires and veterans from effectively using their product knowledge

Our instructional design and development team can develop a cost-effective, comprehensive product training program in a variety of formats, online or the old-fashioned way, complete with videos, animation graphics, voiceover, quizzes, manuals, training guides, and so on.  We work with you to decide what format and development options are best for your products.  Our track record of doing so for other organizations just like yours is unparalleled.

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