Complete Book Of Selling Games & Contests

Selling Games & Contests

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Over 100 Games to Motivate Your Sales Staff and Increase Their Sales!

Traffic down? Salespeople in a funk? If your salespeople don’t show up for work each day bursting with enthusiasm and excited to sell, this is a book you should have in every store.

Now it’s easy to make retail selling more fun and more profitable. Retail authority Harry J. Friedman’s collection of over 100 on-the-floor selling games and contests is guaranteed to motivate your salespeople and improve their selling skills.



Retail selling is a repetitive process that can become a little boring sometimes. It’s up to you to put the spark back into your staff, and selling games and contests are the perfect solution. Finally a tool for turning a slow sales week into a quota-busting sales record.

Each game in this book comes with step-by-step instructions that make running selling games easy. You’ll discover:

  • Contests to increase add-ons, help sell higher-priced goods and move old merchandise
  • Specialized games that improve specific selling skills and build confidence
  • Why, when and how long to run selling games in your store
  • When to use individual versus team competitions
  • Dozens of low-cost rewards that will motivate your staff
  • Techniques for increasing morale and building a competitive spirit that results in more sales

Get one for each of your staff! Discounts available on multiple book orders! Also available as ebook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Indie Bound and Wiley.


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