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Retail Human Resources Workshop

“How do I find and hold onto good people in my stores?” If you’ve ever raised this question, you’re not alone. Here’s a fact. Turnover won’t go away. It’s inevitable in retail. But, you can shift the odds of hiring and keeping top talent in your favor. Retail authority Harry J. Friedman has created a workshop that will give you, your senior execs and managers, concrete, real-world systems and techniques for finding a staff of exceptional people and helping them build a career in your organization. The most successful retailers know that today it’s your people that set you apart from the competition. Find out how to develop consistency in the way you hire, train and retain great people. This workshop has more “aha!” moments and million-dollar ideas than you could ever imagine.

You Will Learn

  • Why selecting “qualified” salespeople can cause more pain than gain
  • How to create a training system that sticks, even if your salespeople don’t
  • How to go from “frantically searching” to “selectively choosing” the best employee
  • Building a “Choice Machine” that delivers more candidates than you have openings for
  • Uncover why your top salespeople may leave, and how to prevent it
  • The truth about retention cost vs turnover cost
  • Helping your employees achieve their career goals with you – instead of your competitors
  • Making it FUN to work at your company and move out merchandise instead of employees
  • A proven mechanical system for interviewing that consistently gets any manager better employees
  • How to prevent hiring candidates that look good on paper, interview great – and then turn into their “evil twin” their first day on the job
  • 5 great interview questions, including one that gets answers to questions you’re not supposed to ask

* Bonus Compensation Session!

Owners and senior execs have the option of attending this special session with or without managers in the final two hours of the workshop. Some prefer that their managers not take part in this session that includes compensation best practices for salespeople and managers.
  • Compensation programs that attract and retain top producers
  • How productivity-based pay can drive down payroll cost percentage
  • Discover how you may be discouraging extra sales, by rewarding poor performers with the same pay as top performers

Past Attendees Have Said

“More efficient recruiting efforts. New ideas for compensation. Ideas for getting on track. This will help with future expansion efforts and current locations.”
Mike Lavelle, Sleep Train
“Today’s profits and tomorrow’s survival will be determined by how a company hires, trains, grows and compensates employees. Our way of doing business will be permanently changed.”
Ed Pennington, Ohio Valley Trading & Exchange

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General Workshop Information

The following information pertains to every Friedman Group workshop.

  • There will be complimentary beverage service – coffee, tea, water and sodas
  • Attendees are on their own for lunch, and restaurants are typically located in the hotel, along with other options within short walking distance
  • Each attendee receives a comprehensive Course Manual, filled with ready-to-use forms and reference materials
  • Personalized Certificate of Completion suitable for framing is provided for download after completing evaluation survey of course

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our goal is to exceed your expectations. If you are not completely satisfied with any Friedman Group workshop, you will receive a 100% refund on the registration fee.

Location & Accommodations

The Friedman Group offers special room night savings at the hotels where our workshops are held. Be sure to mention that you’re attending The Friedman Group’s event when you register at the hotel to receive your discount.

Tax Deductible

All fees and related expenses are US tax deductible as an expense incurred in maintenance or improvement of professional skills. See Treasury Regulation 1.162.5, Coughlin vs. Commissioner 203 F2s 307.

Your Workshop Leaders

Every workshop leader has an extensive retail background, dynamic presentation skills, and most importantly, is a seasoned expert at implementing The Friedman Sales & Operations Management System for different sized retailers in a variety of retail industries.